This position has already been filled. The Chair of Development Economics is looking for a student assistant for an initial period of six months (extension possibility desirable), starting as soon as possible. The position is mainly supposed to support an upcoming large-scale research project...

Kategorie: Forschung, Volkswirtschaftslehre

Georgeta Auktor ist Mitautorin des IASS Policy Brief 4/2016, der Empfehlungen für den Ausbau der deutschen Unterstützung für die Energiewende in Nordafrika und darüber hinaus diskutiert. Sybille Roehrkasten, Rainer Quitzow, Georgeta Auktor, Kirsten Westphal (2016): Advancing an International Energy Transition Policy in North Africa and Beyond. IASS Policy Brief 4/2016. Potsdam: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies