Blockveranstaltung „International Cooperation and Development Perspectives”

Im Juni 2017 wird ein Blockseminar für Studierende des Masterstudiengangs Devleopment Economics and International Studies angeboten.

Der Kurs zum Thema „International Cooperation and Development Perspectives” wird von Herrn Prof. Dr. William Gnanasekaran vom Indian Institute of Technology Madras angeboten. Die Termine des Blockseminars sind:

  • 9. Juni, 9:00 bis 18:15 Uhr, Kochstraße 4, Raum 05.054
  • 10. Juni, 9:00 bis 18:15 Uhr, Kochstraße 4, Raum, 05.054

Die Themen für die Präsentationen im Seminar sind:

  1. Geography of Development – measuring Growth and Development
  2. Understanding of Development Perspectives of countries according to their scales of poverty
  3. Models of Development – How certain models accelerate growth in Economy?
  4. Mass protest against International financial institutions – World Bank and IMF during the early 2000s
  5. How post development era – late 1980’s and early 1990’s changed country’s perspectives?
  6. Challenges faced by Democracy and Development in the context of political and cultural differences.
  7. Globalization – winners and Loosers – An analysis
  8. Role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the process of Globalization
  9. Development Economics: Balanced and unbalanced growth
  10. Social and Religious values on Globalising world – They accept or do away with values
  11. Keynesian Economics and Social Democracy – An Analysis
  12. State Directed Development – South Korea, Singapore or India
  13. Explain the concept of cohesive – capitalist state and rapid industrialisation with examples
  14. A study of Brazil’s early industrialization leading to modern Brazil
  15. Does Globalisation furthers Prejudices or Development in development countries with country example of your study through Internship
  16. Industrializing Nations impact on Environment
  17. Sustainable Development and the emergence of Eco Tourism – with country example
  18. Development and the Anthropology of Modernity – Fair deal of Harry Truman 1949
  19. Role of China’s role in the development of Africa Aid or Imperialism
  20. Influence of euro centric and American Centred Development on Third world countries – An analysis
  21. Influence of Economics and culture on Human personality development in different societies
  22. Sustainable development and globalisation – Can they go together. How?
  23. Market – Friendly Model of Development – A positive model of maintain balance of economic power in the development of Nations – A study
  24. Water Management  – Water as resource for a good quality of life in Africa or Asia
  25. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was it a successful plan?  If not why?
  26. Where goods were in circulation, weapons would fall silent – Wolfgang Sachs – Analyse

Weitere Informationen zu der Veranstaltung sind über den StudOn-Kurs ( verfügbar.