Economics of Transition: Ukrainian case

Module name

Economics of Transition: Ukrainian case


Lectures and tutorials (total of 22 hours)

Teaching Staff

PhD Anastasiia Panchuk (20-29 May)

Syllabus outline

  1. Ukraine’s place and role in the global economy.
  2. Starting conditions for the transformation of the Ukrainian economy: a brief review of the late-Soviet period.
  3. Transition setup. Starting point of market reforms in Ukraine
  4. Understanding the Ukrainian economic growth and the subsequent crises
  5. Progress and results of key reforms in Ukraine
  6. The current state of the Ukrainian economy and the reforms’ agenda

Aims and Learning Outcomes

The purpose of this course is to analyze historical experience and to identify the patterns of the Ukrainian economic system transformation process on the way from the planned to a market economy. The focus of the analysis is Ukraine – a contradictory country with a big market, but at the same time with lots of factors which complicate doing business here.

During the practical part of the course students will work in small groups, developing and presenting projects of cooperation between EU and Ukraine.

Assessment and examinations

Written exam (multiple choice questions, 45 minutes), presentation in small groups (30-45 minutes)

Calculation of the grade for the module

Written exam (50%), presentation (50%)


Classtime: 22 hours

Studytime: 128 hours


May, 2019



Preparatory reading / reading list

  1. Aghion, P., and O. Blanchard. (1994). “On the Speed of Transition in Central Europe”. National Bureau for Economic Research Macroeconomics Annual: 283–319.
  2. Berkowitz, D. (1996). “On the Persistence of Rationing Following Liberalization: A Theory for Economies in Transition”. European Economic Review, 40(6): 1259–1280.
  3. Bhaduri, A., K. Laski, and F. Levcik. (1993). “Transition from the Command to the Market System: What Went Wrong and What to Do for Now?”. Mimeo, Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies.
  4. Vimont, P. (2016). Ukraine’s Indispensable Economic Reforms. Available:

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