Economic Development and Military Conflicts

Module name

Economic Development and Military Conflicts


Lectures (14 hours) / Tutorials (6 hours)

Teaching Staff

Vasyl Namoniuk, Associate Professor, PhD (Economics)

Syllabus Outline 

  1. Economic development and military conflicts: general interrelations.
  2. Economic impact of Conflicts: World wars and Cold war, modern era
  3. Economic reconstruction in Post-Conflict economies.
  4. FDI under the conflicts: cases of developing economies
  5. Innovations and conflicts. Do war drives technological advancements
  6. Case of Ukraine: growth, reforms, investments, etc.

Educational goals and Learning out-come

The course is devoted to the economics of military conflicts and their impact on the economic development. Students will have general knowledge and understanding of the economic background and experience of military conflicts, their impact on different aspects of the development



Assessment and  examinations

Written exam (45 minutes), presentation (10-20 minutes)

Calculation of the grade for the module

Written exam (60 %), presentation (40%)


One semester



Preparatory reading / reading list

Reading, in particular research articles, will be provided during class.

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April 2019